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Dear Reader,
Let’s get straight to it…
I want to get a copy of my new report Three Penny Stock Eruptors – How to Triple your Money in the Coming SA Energy Boom  in your hands PRONTO.
The reason is simple…
I don’t think you’ll find a better way to boost your wealth in a big way…over the next two years.
Take it from the 1,000+South Africans who’ve already downloaded a copy and are clued into my research…
Since we opened doors in 2010, they’re enjoyed a return of 380% while the JSE topped out at a 126%. And in this time we saw some serious eruptions.

Santova just 14 months
Conduit Capital UP 164.29% in 22 months
Adapt IT Soared 109.16% in 13 months
Poynting UP 215% in only 6 months
Ansys 114% in 13 months
Insimbi Refractories Surged 54% in just 5 months!
These aren’t predictions. These are the genuine penny stock gains my readers are sitting on as I type.
Not bad, right?
And sure, there’s a few losses among my buy list. When you’re dealing with a market this wild…it can be a white-knuckle roller coaster at times.
Even so, the average gain is +57.04%.
While the average loss weighs in at just –27%.
In other words, the average win is more than TWO TIMES bigger than the average loss.
I don’t say this to brag. I’ve written this letter because I want YOU in on these spectacular gains, too.
All you need to do is download your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors right away.
Now, I can’t name the penny stocks on my open buy list…that’d be unfair to paid-up subscribers.
But I can promise you this…
Read this letter in full and I’ll show you how to join them!
Your only investment is R99.95 today.
Yes — just 100 BUCKS.
I pay more for a pizza and a coke at the local café here in Joburg.
But really, that’s just the start of what I want to share with you today.
I’ve lined you up a mouth-watering deal. A deal that hands you R2,870 in bonus extras.
I call it: The Penny Stock Eruptor ‘starter pack’. Included is a 30-day, no-obligation trial to my digital penny stock advisory Red Hot Penny Shares.
Plus, my top three penny stock picks for the next two years. I’ll share more on this deal in a few moments.
I’m doing this because I want to arm you with everything you need to jump into the lucrative penny stock market with confidence.
Penny stocks are not for the novice investor. There is risk here. Lots of it. I’ve seen my fair share of penny stock scams and schemes. Throwing your money at any old penny stock is the fastest way to lose your shirt.
You need someone on your side who has analysed and researched this market since it first kicked-off.
Someone who has personally invested in penny stocks for the last eight years. Someone who can show you how to potentially profit wildly from penny stocks, while trying to minimise your risk.
In other words — me!
Inside Penny Stock Eruptors you’ll discover the penny stocks I believe will forever-alter the energy industry. Plus, I’ll show you the warning signs that signal the bad pennies out there.
I’ve made it so that anyone can start investing in penny stocks right away:
  • All you need is an internet connection…
  • A few hundred rands to risk on today’s top penny stock plays…
  • And your personal copy of Penny Stock Eruptors!
Inside, you’ll find all the tools you need to start your penny stock investing journey immediately. Including:
  • How to profit from the Eskom Coal Cliff
  • Three chances to make a 400% mega gain in 2018 from the Energy Revolution
This report is written in plain English. I break everything down for you so there’s zero confusion.
But the question is…
Will you take the leap?
I hope so.
Because every second you’re not plugged into this erupting market…you’re missing out on penny stocks that could make you some serious money.
Money that could give you a massive leg-up in life…and maybe add a zero or two to your retirement balance.
Let me show you…

Here’s how you could turn R10,000 into R1,190,000 
Hold your breath for a second and take a look at how this simple “doubling action” could make you a millionaire:
R10,000 invested in Santova in Jan 2014 would have turned into R36,238 just 13 months later after a 262.39% gain.
That R36,238 invested in Conduit Capital in February 2015 would have turned into 95,493 after a 163% gain 8 months later.
A quick 114% gain from Insimbi in 5 months, would've then turned your 95,493 into R204,628…
Then, if you’d put that into Silverbridge you’d have turned your 204,6284 into R478,831 by September 2016.
Then, if you’d put all your gains into Trustco in October 2016, you’d have turned your 478,831 into an amazing R723,451 - just 3 months later!
One more smart investment in Merafe would have taken your R723,451 to a sweet R1.19 million in just five months on 31 October 2017

You’d be a penny stock millionaire!
That’s an extreme example. I’m not saying you’ll end up with millions in the bank just by following my recommendations. This is a high-risk market.
You’d be foolish to think otherwise. There’s a chance you could lose money here. Penny stocks are the sharpest end of investing there is.
But lay down a little money on the right small cap…at the right time…and you could end up a very happy penny stock investor.
One penny stock eruptor I’m backing right now could turn every R1,000 into R3,000, 2 years from now.
Penny Stock Eruptor readers already know about this breakthrough penny stock… 
I want to fill you in, too.
You can download your ‘soft’ copy immediately for just R99.95 today. I’ll show you how in a few minutes.
Frankly, I think you’re mad if you don’t at least dip your toe in.
For just R99.95 you’ll get access to the 3 penny stocks set to erupt as SA’s energy revolution takes off. Penny Stock Eruptors could make a massive difference to your personal wealth.
And right now is simply the best time to claim your copy.
2017 was a slow year for small caps. That’s why I’m so excited.
The market is heating up as Eskom’s Coal Cliff becomes real!
And these three Penny Stock Eruptors have not been idling on the sidelines…
because as I’m about to show you…
When the energy revolution hits and it will hit, the penny stock gains over the past 8 years are NOTHING compared to what’s coming up in 2018…
On Monday 16 April, the Eskom Coal Cliff became real
Monday 16 April: , Chris Yelland, BusinessTech.Co.Za: 
“Credible reports are being received of alarming coal supply problems at numerous Eskom coal-fired power stations in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province.”
Tuesday 17 April, TimesLive:
“Eskom doing everything to avoid load shedding amid coal crunch”
Friday 20 April, ENCA quoted Eskom as saying:
"It was making contingency plans to ensure lights stay on this winter amid a coal shortage.”
So, folks, it’s fair to say that day has come – Eskom is running out of coal and the lights could really go out this winter!
But out of every crisis, comes opportunity.
And I believe this opportunity will kick off the greatest energy revolution South Africa has ever experienced, and a handful of savvy investors stand to profit by the bucket load if they act now!
Let me explain….
This is the start of South Africa’s biggest revolution and it’s all about energy
According to Dictionary.Com A revolution is a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence”.
Whilst I doubt there will be violence, I expect things to get messy. And I expect big changes will come in the next three years.
Expect strikes, protests and marches as Eskom attempts to increase electricity prices 10%, 20% and 30% a year going forward.
You see, with the current situation there’s only three ways Eskom can keep the lights on:
  1. Eskom needs to run emergency power such as diesel and gas turbines. 
  2. Eskom needs to source more coal. 
  3. Eskom must tap into new energy sources 
With Eskom in trouble – Here’s how you can make money
There is only one way to to profit from Eskom’s Coal Cliff – and SA’s new energy revolution and that is to invest in these three Penny Stock Eruptors:
Penny Stock Eruptor #1: 
A coal miner that's set to quadruple production and come to Eskom's rescue
Penny Stock Eruptor #2: 
The only such business in Africa, with the technology to turn refuse into electricity
Penny Stock Eruptor #3: 
A South African company that builds and manages renewable energy plants

I expect these THREE Penny Stock Eruptors to more than double in the next year alone!
Can you see why I want to get my report in your hands ASAP?
Eskom just greenlit a full-blown energy boom!  
And it’s just the beginning…
Inside Penny Stock Eruptors, you’ll discover all the unstoppable forces coming together to push these energy company share prices into the stratosphere this year.
Before long, mainstream media like Financial Times, and Business Insider will be saying: ‘get ready for an energy explosion.’
I agree. That’s why I’m arming all my readers with my top three energy plays for the next two years.
You’ll receive instant access to all three…PLUS, my full penny stock buy list the moment you download Penny Stock Eruptors.
I’ll show you how to grab your copy in a minute…
First, it’s about time I introduced myself.
The greatest money-maker in the penny stock market today. Bar none

Hi, my name is Francois Joubert.
I’ve knocked around the financial world for over 8 years now.
My career has spanned a from a job at the largest mining companies in the world, to advising multi-national investment funds at a Private Equity consulting firm.
I’ve been serving profits to private investors through my Red Hot Penny Shares investment research letter for over eight years now!
I have a degree in investment management, and I’ve managed investments for over ten years. It paid for my first car, house and studies along the way!
Really though, there’s only one investment market that gets my blood pumping…
Penny Stocks.
I’ve had a hand in the penny stock market since the early 2000’s.
I immediately saw the potential of these small stocks. They are the fastest growing ones on the JSE, and also the most under-researched.
I realised that if I did the legwork, went to the trouble of finding out exactly what is going on at these little known companies, I would be one of only a handful of investors in the market with the ‘Whole Scoop’!
And for the last eight years, I’ve dedicated every waking moment to understanding the penny stock phenomenon...
Researching and trading it…
Speaking to the genius CEO’s running the companies, and other analysts and high-profile investment managers investing  in these penny stock companies…
And most importantly, helping thousands of readers massively profit from it!

Like subscriber HB, from Johannesburg:

“I have made about R35,000 over the past year all on Red Hot Penny Shares recommendations!"
- HB, Johannesburg

See that?
‘HB’ pocketed R35,000 in just 12 months following my Red Hot Penny Shares recommendations.
And this from another reader A, van der Merwe:

“I started with a small investment of R20,000 and now it’s grown to R46,000 in 12 months just by following your tips and investing in Red Hot Penny Shares. Thank you."
 - A van der Merwe, Auckland Park

Look at them now!
That’s why I believe penny stocks are the last market on Earth with the power to make every day South African investors like you the kind of money that could give you a leg-up in life.
Grab a few key penny stock positions now and, a few years down the track, you could have the kind of money that can pay for the home renovation you’ve wanted for years…
Or maybe fund that overseas trip you’ve always dreamed about. Flying first class the whole way.
I’ll leave the decision on how you spend your penny stock fortune up to you.
Point is, this is the scale of opportunity I believe you’re looking at here. And it’s why I want my report, Penny Stock Eruptors, in your hands ASAP.
Fact is, open profit opportunities like this don’t wait around.
Capitec zipped 600-times higher in just five years.
That’s how quickly you could turn a small sum into huge money when you hold the right penny stock.
You saw how quickly HB and A van der Merwe pocketed bucket-loads following my penny stock tips.
The next 'Penny Stock Eruptor' I’m backing could hand you double your money before you unwrap your first Christmas present this year…
Of course, you should know those gains won’t appear in a straight line. Like any open market, penny stocks rise and fall. Sometimes dramatically.
Point is, this is NOT an investment arena for the faint hearted. You should only ever risk money you can afford to lose.
But if you’ve got a stomach for risk…and you like the sound of turning a tiny sum into a potential penny stock fortune…
You’re my kind of investor, and I invite you to download your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors immediately.
Today you can download your ‘soft’ copy for next to nothing. Just R99.95 today…and it’s all yours.
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You’ll instantly qualify for R2,870 in bonuses…including a 30-day, no obligation trial to my advisory Red Hot Penny Share Network…
As you’ll soon see, there’s a whole lot more I’d like to give you today. That’s coming up.
Grab your copy today and in the next few weeks, it could be YOU locking onto penny stock gains as big…and fast as these:

Santova just 14 months
Conduit Capital UP 164.29% in 22 months
Adapt IT Soared 109.16% in 13 months
Poynting UP 215% in only 6 months
Ansys 114% in 13 months
Insimbi Refractories Surged 54% in just 5 months!

You’re staring at a wealth eruption. The smartest and wealthiest people on the planet can see the once-in-a-lifetime profit play unfolding here…
And there going ALL IN.

For a strictly limited time you can claim your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors for ONLY R99.95 today 
Cover to cover, you’ll have a solid grip on everything you need to know to make your start in penny stock investing.
You won’t find this book on Takealot (search as hard as you like — it’s not there!). Your local book shop won’t stock a single copy.
You can ONLY claim your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors by clicking here NOW.
Frankly, I should be charging a LOT more for this report.
But I don’t want anything standing in the way between you and hooking into the huge potential gains spilling from the penny stock market.
Click here to download your personal copy now.
Frankly, at R99.95 today — I think you’d be bloody MAD not to!
Each and every page is soaked in valuable investment research I could charge thousands for (my premium penny stock advisory will set you back at least R1,470!).
Personally, I think the R99.95 I’m asking for today is chickenfeed when you think about the incredible stock knowledge you’ll mop up from every page.
The ONLY reason I’m offering you Penny Stock Eruptors at a heavily-discounted price today is simple. I believe every South African investor deserves the chance to build up a fortune from the penny stock market.
So for less than a R100, I’m making it near impossible for you to miss this unstoppable and irreversible financial phenomenon.
And right now, there’s never been a better time to lay a little money down in this exploding market.
Soon everyone will want ‘in’ on the huge energy gains popping up. They’re set to tip billions into the energy sector starting this year.
It’s a move that could make the gains collected by early investors seem insignificant in comparison.
Honestly, if you’ve read to this point and you are still sceptical…I think you’re going to miss the greatest wealth-building opportunity of a lifetime.
If that’s you…if you think this is all noise, your best bet is to stick with those slow-poke blue-chip stocks and hope for 2–3% each year.
On the other hand, if you’ve got the smarts to see that energy penny stocks could perhaps be the greatest revolution we’ve seen in SA…
And you’re prepared to risk just a few hundred bucks on this fast-moving market…
I invite you to download your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors immediately. 
You can do that right now by clicking here.
When you look at the penny stock gains already clocked by some investors…and the potential for you to make even more in the months and years ahead…I don’t know what else is stopping you from diving in right now.
For less than R100, I’ll fill you in on everything…EVERYTHING you need to get started in the world of penny stocks.
It’s all packed inside your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors.
But I’m not stopping there.
Not by a long shot.
I want to make this Penny Stock Eruptor report deal IRRESISTIBLE for you today.
Here’s how I’m going to do that…
The Penny Stock Eruptor
‘Starter Pack’ 

(VALUE = R2,870)

Consider Penny Stock Eruptors is your primer on breakout energy stocks.
Download your copy today and you’ll discover why I believe energy penny stocks could increase your current wealth level MASSIVELY.
But I don’t just want to tell you why penny stocks could bolster your wealth in a big way…
I want to SHOW you how to raid this raging market for huge potential gains right away.
So, when you download your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors today, you’ll also receive instant and unrestricted access to the Penny Stock Eruptor ‘starter pack’.
Starting with…
Penny Stock Eruptor Pack Gift #1:
BONUS 30-day trial-run of
Red Hot Penny Shares
Download your personal copy of
Penny Stock Eruptors today and you’ll be front and centre on the most potent investment market I’ve seen in my entire decade-long career: Penny Stocks.
You’ve already seen the immense wealth-building potential built into the stock market today.
You’ve seen the raw power that could quickly turn R1,000 or R2,000 into thousands…and sometimes hundreds of thousands of rands in just months, NOT decades.
As a Red Hot Penny Shares member, I’ll be working for you…
Using all the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered over the last eight years to help everyday South African investors like you profit from a portfolio of top-notch penny stocks.
(I’ve got three standout Penny Stock Eruptors I believe could turn just R10,000 into R40,000. More on those in just a moment).
The penny stocks we cover inside Red Hot Penny Shares are the best of the bunch.
The leading small caps endowed with real-world value. You can think of them as tomorrow’s ‘blue-chips’.
These are legitimate energy companies with the potential to multiply your money many times overs in the years ahead. And it’s my job to find them for you.
In fact, there are more than 10 penny stocks in my model portfolio that you should be considering buying right now. And you’ll find details on every single one of them in your trial issue of Red Hot Penny Shares. Your 30-day, no-obligation trial-run of Red Hot Penny Shares is yours the moment you download Penny Stock Eruptors.
For as long as you remain a member, I’ll unwrap penny stock investment opportunities you’ll never hear about anywhere else.
Every month you’ll receive at least one new penny stock opportunity in your inbox. I’ll outline the potential risks as well as the potential rewards on offer.
Again, this is a no-obligation trial. There are zero obligations to continue with your subscription inside those first 30 days.
To claim your Red Hot Penny Shares membership immediately…
CLICK HERE and download you copy of Penny Stock Eruptors now.
Penny Stock Eruptor Pack Gift #2:
The Penny Stock Launch
(VALUE = R500)
The Penny Stock Launchpad comprises two special investor reports…
Report #1: How to buy and sell penny stocks for profit.
Buying and selling shares is a hugely exciting activity, but one that seems to be highly misunderstood by the public in general. While it’s much easier than you’d ever imagined, trading in shares seems to have the image of high-flying traders best portrayed in Hollywood-style movies.

Consequently, a lot of people shy away from taking the plunge into starting a share portfolio, because they find it a little frightening and even intimidating. They also fear that it’s complicated, or they worry that there’s something that they’re not aware of.

However, the reality is that it’s actually very simple and there’s very little to it, as you’ll see with this essential and extremely handy guide.

Report #2: The Investor’s Toolkit.
Any fool can make some money buying shares, but by following a few simple rules and taking advice from the right quarters, you can make SERIOUS amounts of money. The aim of this booklet is to guide you towards those serious rewards.
Remember that there is a significant difference between a gambling-type share purchase and creating wealth over time through proper share selection.

All you need to do is click here and download your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors.
OK. If you’ve heard enough from me and you want to begin your penny stock investing journey NOW…simply click the link below:
You’ll be taken to a secure order page where you’ll be charged R99.95.
You’ll receive instant access to our members-only website where you can download your copy of Penny Stock Eruptors along with all the gifts you’ve seen today.
Don’t let this opportunity slide.
I’m looking for investors who want to wring as much out of this life-altering opportunity as possible.
So, if you decide Red Hot Penny Shares is not for you…no big deal.
You can cancel anytime inside your first 30 days.
And you can keep every scrap of research you download on me.
Best part is…

If you want to stay on, you don’t need to do anything to continue your membership past your first 30 days.
We’ll simply charge you credit card R870 automatically at the end of your 30-day trial. That covers your first-year Red Hot Penny Shares subscription.
Each month you’ll receive a brand-new penny stock recommendation from me.
Plus, I’ll update you weekly (usually on a Tuesday) on all the news popping up in the penny stock world…and I’ll fill you in on any new info connected to your energy buys.  
You get all my stock analysis and research for a whole year for just R870.
That works out to be under R20 a week.
It’s a drop-dead bargain.
For now, though, your only upfront fee is R99.95.
Look, I want the full suite of Starter Pack goodies in your hand before we see the entire energy market surge in 2018.
Click here now and you’ll receive instant access to my book Penny Stock Eruptors…your primer on the explosive and truly life-altering phenomenon that is the erupting SA energy market.
  • Your digital copy of Penny Stock Eruptors...
  • Plus, your 30-day, no-obligation trial of my penny stock advisory, Red Hot Penny Shares
  • And your TWO special penny stock investor reports: ‘ ‘How to make BIG money in the exciting world of penny shares and ‘The investors Toolkit’.

YES! I want to claim my Penny Stock Eruptors ‘Starter Pack’ NOW
Remember, you have a full 30 days to trial
Red Hot Penny Shares in any way you wish.
If you’re not over the moon for some reason (or any reason at all), simply contact my customer service team within those first 30 days to opt out of your trial.
I don’t think you will.
The three blue-chip energy penny stocks you’ve discovered today are just the beginning of your journey.
More opportunities will open up in the months ahead and, as a member of Red Hot Penny Shares, you’ll be right there ready to scoop them up with both hands.
But let me just repeat…if you’d like to get in on the most lucrative energy plays open today, you must act at speed.
2018 marks the year of SA’s energy revolution as it punches into mainstream consciousness. 
Inside the next six months you’ll see millions flow into the energy sector – (Think R56 billion in government contracts for starters).
I’m not the only one who thinks so:
Dr Chris Haw, chairman of SOLA Future Energy, said:
"[SA's signing of renewable energy contracts] has been a long time coming, and it's a monumental moment for the South African renewable energy industry.” 
These Energy Penny Stock Eruptors offer a last-resort option to shift your wealth away from the greedy hands of politicians who’ve driven our basic services to the brink of collapse.
You’re staring at a genuine, energy revolution — one that’s free from government control.
It’s potentially the greatest upheaval we will witness in South Africa a whole new asset class ready and waiting to plunder!
The energy profit window is open. Now is the time to act.
Click the blue link below to get started (you can review your order before its finalised).
Don’t miss this potential shot to build a fortune from the bubbling energy market.
I look forward to welcoming you on-board!
Francois Joubert, 
Editor, Red Hot Penny Shares
(You can review your order before it’s finalised)

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